Finding the right one …

Is there a perfect applicant for each vacancy?

We say ‘yes’ – and we are able to find it.
A solid start for the search: our unique candidate database.

You (already) receive applications? From us you will receive qualified recommendations. Our industry expertise and our long-standing networks to top candidates, our discretion and our independency can provide you with a direct competitive advantage. You know: In times of skills shortages and pressure of globalization, a targeted personnel development is no option, it is a must. For this we are the experts.

  • With Projekt-Team you can have a look into the qualified labor market without revealing yourself
  • With Projekt-Team you can prepare and carry out small and large recruiting projects
  • With Projekt-Team you have access to specialists, your company would otherwise not reach
  • With Projekt-Team you react in a quick, objective and professional way to personnel requirements

Let us talk about how we may help you: from the success-oriented, advertisement-supported search up to an executive search.

Own contact person
No information- and communication gap. Simple short ways and individual and flexible solutions
High discretion and neutrality
between company and applicant
Relief in the administration
On request assumption of appointment arrangements and correspondences to avoid bureaucratic efforts

Our portfolio for companies at a glace:

  • Scope of service from consultancy or individual staffing up to a complete recruiting process: you save time and money
  • High quality and speed with a minimum bureaucratic effort: Accurate support and a relief of your processes
  • Larger and at the same time a more specific candidate pool than with your own search: more opportunities to find the perfect candidate
  • Absolute customer and candidate protection
  • Inclusion of social and soft factors into the candidate selection: we know who suits you
  • On request assumption of appointment arrangements and correspondence (invitations, refusals etc.)
  • Charges only after a successful occupation: ad placements, pool researches, candidate approaches, administration etc. are free of charge. We invoice our work only after a conclusion of an employment contract
  • We find individual solutions and adapt to the customer processes

Simply contact us by e-mail or phone

+49 (0)441 – 390 133 0

Why we are better

Candidates, you otherwise could not reach

The Projekt-Team candidate pool is unique: Due to our specialization on the sectors Automotive / Industry and Pharma / Medical Technology, it is precisely qualified and classified, constant personally checked; we also know the candidates who are latently willing to change or waiting for the right challenge – and we are able to make a targeted approach.

Applicants often trust us more than others, because they appreciate our expertise, discretion and independency – and they have known us for years. Therefore, it is a real benefit for you: a highly prequalified applicant selection.

Ad placements, pool researches, candidate approaches, correspondences, administration etc. are free of charge. We only invoice our work after a conclusion of an employment contract.


Accurate support
Fast filling of vacancies due to our broad and at the same time well-grounded candidate network
Discover potentials with Projekt-Team
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