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Optimal preparation.

If you are searching for a (new) job, there is a reason for it.

Whether a career start, the search for a new challenge, a termination or simply a change of location ‚Äď it is essential to be best prepared for the (new) job, which complies to your skills and plans. With Projekt-Team you will find the ideal partner who knows your industry and its companies. We often know new job vacancies even before it is public in the labor market.

Your benefit: Since we will not be your future employer, we can give you optimal advice and we both have a common goal: to find a suitable, lucrative and sustainable position for you. Absolute discretion is assured: We only transfer your application documents to potential employer with your agreement.

Projekt-Team offers you a qualified access into the job market ‚Äď as well as positions which are not officially posted yet. Increase your chances by working together with Projekt-Team and profit by our reference, our support, our skills and industry contacts. Get in contact with us now!

Quicker informed
We keep you posted on the market situation and your opportunities. We often know new vacancies even before it is public.
Better informed
At Projekt-Team you can also find positions that are not public in the market, because we occupy them exclusively. Furthermore, we can give you information about the company cultures, the people inside the organization and customary salaries etc.

All services for you are free of charge.

  • individual advice on your career plans
  • advice on available vacancies
  • advice on your application documents and salary expectation
  • support through the entire application process at our clients
  • support even after a job change, in order to keep you posted on the market situation and your opportunities

Please send us your application documents ‚Äď for the first step, a CV with your contact details will generally suffice. We will contact you short-term by telephone to clarify questions and to discuss current job opportunities at our clients.

The Projekt-Team reference
With Projekt-Team your application receives a reference, that is often more successful than an application out of the anonymity
We also know the people inside the organizations, so we do not only concentrate on business requirements, but also that it fits on a personal level

Your application

how it works

First off: Be upfront with us. Only if we know you well, we are able to give optimal support.  And: let us know, if you have changed your job without our assistance. So, we are able to keep you posted on the market development and to contact you with attractive job opportunities in the future.

Even if you are in a fixed-term employment relationship or restructuring and job cuts are imminent, we are the best partner and we can act in time.


You can apply by e-mail, regular mail or online by using our quick form. If you choose the online application please notice that the total size of your attachments may not exceed 10 MB. We prefer PDF-files, but you can also submit Word and Image-Files (JPG, GIF).

Any questions left? Do not hesitate to call us!

+49 (0)441 ‚Äď 390 133 0

Do you have questions concerning the design of your documents?

From our daily business, we understand what is important to personnel directors. We have gathered the essential basic rules for you, to be found in the category services.

Additional you can subscribe for our personalized  Job-Newsletter to be individually and quickly informed about new opportunities. If there is currently no suitable vacancy, we will keep your documents to be able to contact you with future positions.

Support by Projekt-Team
e.g. by hints for the design of your documents, as well as information on the selection procedure and your interlocutors
Stay up-to-date!
Quick application
Take the initiative.
Overview of the essential information - also to share. (Only available in German)